Ness Ziona's educational system has added the objective of laying a stronger emphasis on the subject of enviromental preservation. This stems from the understanding of its importance in the world today. We wish to educate our residents in areas of public awareness, responsibility towards the community, love of our country, tolerance, volunteer spirit and the love of acquiring knowledge.

Enviromental studies rank high in the priorities of every educational institution in our city.

"Ness Ziona - My City" is a unique educational program created for the purpos of increasing students' sense of belonging to the city and encouraging activities and volunteer spirit in many diverse fields. The program embraces all educational levels, from kindergarden to high school.

The city's educational system supports the students through their personal growth and development processes. Teachers are highly involved in these processes with both the parents and the community. The result has been an increase in our students' success rate on final examinations ; today, the nubmer of students eligible for their graduation certificatenumber is over 85%. Every year, our schools win educational awards on the district level and in 2015 the city even won the national educational award.