Ness Ziona city officials are active in promoting the residents' personal and social welfare. The objective is to accomplish a favorable turning point in life by assisting anyone in need through consultaion, guidance and referral. Our welfare services are being advanced and developed by establishing the institutions appropriate for meeting the needs of the population and by promoting a volunteer-oriented spirit within our residents.  

Some 6,000 volunteers are currently active in Ness Ziona from approximately 45 different organizations in the field of welfare services. We take pride in our volunteers who have brought honor and respect to our city. For its volunteer work, Ness Ziona was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer City Award in 2018.    

It's a pleasure to grow old in Ness Ziona. Its Senior Citizen Day Center has won several prizes for its aesthetic appearance and hosts plenty of activities for its public.

Additionally, clubs for the retired are also active and focus on intergeneration activities with children's clubs around town.